How to be the acidity or gastritis?

To speak of heartburn, you must first know that, to neutralize a mineral acid, you can use a vegetable acid or alkaline. In both cases, the chemical reaction produces a salt and a gas, so the acid is neutralized.

The gastric juice is composed of hydrochloric acid (which is a mineral acid) and bile (which is alkaline), a balance exists between them, and which enzyme content composes a correct digestive system.

When bile is not in the right amount, hydrochloric acid prevails over all, is there, which causes inflammation and irritation of the mucosa of the stomach and esophagus (including hiatal valve), leading to the famous acidity or gastritis.


Therefore, as one of the components CALIHEPATTM has in its formula is citric acid (vegetable acid), it is normal in the first shots can perceive some burning, which means not to increase the effect of acidity, for sufferers this or those with chronic gastritis, but quite the contrary, it is neutralized, and that will be felt better after taking it 5 or 6 times a day, usually after 2 or 3 days into the intake. To avoid or mitigate this potential burning, it is suggested to take it diluted in ½ cup of water (preferably not mineral).

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