What is the cause of slow digestion? 

.:. Slow digestion is because of lack of a proper amount of gastric acid, and at the same time, excessive food consumption. The food we consume should contain a necessary amount of enzymes, which process the elements that food such as sugars, fats, flours, vegetables, etc, is composed of. An absence of these elements alters the process of assimilating what we eat and drink, reason this produces a lack of balance in evacuation, which can result in constipation or bowel weakness, causing irritation, flatulence, bowel discomfort, which usually become hemorrhoids, irritable bowel, diverticulitis, etc.


.:. CALIHEPATTM – Bebida de San Antonio formula supplies natural elements which provide the liver with the substances it needs to balance gastric acid through a permanent hepatic cell renewal. These cells inevitably need a period of no less than 120 days (4 months).

.:. To sum up, since our digestive apparatus is acid from the mouth to the duodenum, and alkaline from the duodenum to the anus –i.e., chemically opposed-, if when food enters the bowel there is a total or partial decrease of bile, such food will encounter a too acid milieu, reason it will generate flatulence and irritation, which in time will become the disorders mentioned above.

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