How does CALIHEPATTM help during and after Hepatitis C? 

.:. Hepatitis C is a serious disease which causes liver inflammation and deterioration, and which may cause cirrhosis. Even though it is an important disease, it can pass unnoticed for years, because it does not produce any special symptoms until the liver is seriously damaged.

.:. Although it becomes chronic and incurable easily, it should be highlighted that a lot can be done not to develop cirrhosis quickly. Thanks to our 70 years of experience, we can assure that people who have come down with that type of hepatitis or during an antiviral treatment, have made a remarkable and prominent recovery by taking CALIHEPATTM – Bebida de San Antonio, in the proper way and time.



.:. Besides, it should not be forgotten that a healthy life, i.e. not overloading the liver with food that contains additives or consuming meat and animal fat excessively (bacon), aids liver performance.

.:. CALIHEPATTM – Bebida de San Antonio’s formula provides natural elements that the liver needs in order to balance its performance, through a permanent renewal of hepatic cells. Such renewal inevitably requires from 120 days (4 months) to 180 days (6 months)

.:. Therefore, either for somebody who has hepatitis C or who is under a medical treatment to fight against it, CALIHEPATTM will be a fundamental ally to avoid side effects and aid a quick recovery.

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