Vicente Calicchio


Creator’s biography:

Creator of the formula calledCALIHEPATTM - Bebida de San Antonio”, Vicenzo was born on January 30th, 1897, in San Nicola Manfredi, Benevento, Italy.


It was in 1948 when he returned to Rosario to settle down permanently, and started his own enterprise: “Farmacia San Antonio”, in Talleres neighbourhood.

However, years before that, precisely in 1939, his wife had come down with eczema  on her feet and hands, a disease which today is known as “lupus erythematosus”, and which no medical treatment can cure or ease. Love for his wife encouraged Don Vicenzo to apply the knowledge on herbs he had acquired, and after hard work and several tests, he was able to devise a formula to eliminate his wife’s skin problem.

Some years went by and Vicenzo’s wife suggested he should share the formula he had created with other people. Thus, Calihepat’s history began, and so did its innumerable positive responses in a great range of disorders, most of which are listed on the patient leaflet information and indications and usage.


Years of experience behind us:  

With 73 years in both the local and international market, our natural product works in an optimum way, correcting dysfunctions or chemical alterations which are caused by poor liver function, and which are not cured by conventional products. (for more information see How Works)

Because of our commitment, and for your safety, or doubt as regards CALIHEPAT’s effect on the body, do not hesitate to phone or e-mail us. (e-mail)





After living in that city during the first years of his life, his family emigrated to Campinas, a town near Sao Paulo, in Brazil, since his mother had become a widow. In this way, a new stage of his life began in that majestic tropical environment. Because he was the youngest member of the family, he was in charge of domestic chores and went to school, while the rest of the family worked in the coffee and tobacco harvest. It was here that he developed a great friendship with the town’s witch doctor (folk healer), who in time taught him the therapeutic truths of herbal medicine.

Then, he emigrated to Rosario, in Santa Fe, Argentina, where he began to work in Drogueria del Águila (a drugstore), and at the same time, he started to pursue his degree as a “Idóneo en farmacia" - Pharmacist. In those times, this degree was the only one granted in the field of chemistry, and he obtained it in 1919.

His first professional work was in Las Breñas, in Chaco, Argentina, where he worked in a dispensary.

Some time later, he decided to move to Rosario again, where he was in charge of Farmacia Lister (a chemist’s).

Soon after this, he got married, and worked in different parts of the province of Santa Fe.

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